Ok so I puzzled out what was wrong, and it was pretty damn annoying! It seems that the startup order was set for the web app to run before the scheduler. This meant that when the web app initialised, it looked to subscribe to the scheduler but, as the scheduler was not yet initialised, simply dropped the subscription. This meant that subsequent calls to Bus.Instance.Publish(…) did squat.

Two quick fixes:

1. Make sure the scheduler always starts up before the web app
2. Call the scheduler’s end point directly, using:

   .GetEndpoint(new Uri("msmq://localhost/scheduler_queue"))
   .Send(new UpdatedScheduledTask()
       ScheduledTaskId = task.Id,
       Crontag = task.Crontag

Note: probably not the best idea to hard code the uri, add it to your config instead!

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