Update:¬†Exciting times! Lots of things have changed in the fortnight since I wrote this post, and I’m no longer going to work at InfoMentor. Instead I’m proud to say I’ve founded a new software house down here in Devon, 36degrees, alongside my former employers at Tech 13. Really excited, it’s a great opportunity and I really hope I can make a good go of it! :)

I recently moved from Birmingham down to Devon, and began working from home. Unfortunately, (at this point in my life at least) the isolation and lack of social interaction that comes from working from home was not for me, and so it is with a very heavy heart than I am leaving my current job at Tech13 to work for InfoMentor developing collaborative online learning tools. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very excited for the new experience at a new company, but it’s always difficult to leave, especially a job that I enjoyed so much.

I’ve been with Tech13 for a little over a year, and am incredibly grateful for the opportunities and experiences I have had whilst working there. It’s a great team, and I’m particularly thankful to have been mentored by Paul Cox, an incredibly talented developer whose passion for learning has been hugely infectious and has fundamentally shaped the way I approach the betterment of my craft. Through Paul I learnt the joy of immersing myself into a community that I really had a limited knowledge of beforehand. I feel shocked now when I meet a developer that doesn’t read blogs or listen to podcasts, and who is unfamiliar with the great technologies and open-source projects that exist outside of his/her own little bubble; but that was once me. It was Paul who reccommended I start this blog, Paul who advised me to really dig deep into the systems that I’m using, and Paul who showed me that in order to really succeed you could not be afraid to take a few chances.

I wrote a blog post at the start of the year on my experiences so far in the real world of software development, and on the decision to pursue experience over further education. I’m only a little further on now, so I’m probably still not qualified to answer my own question: “Did I make the right decision to work rather than to continue down the educational track?” That said, I stand by it being one of the best decisions that I ever made.

Obviously it’s tough to be moving on, but I’m very excited for the next chapter of my career to begin and for the new experiences and opportunities that working for InfoMentor will bring.

Oh yeah, and Paul, in case you happen to be reading this: for god’s sake, start your bloody blog! I’m going to miss hearing the things you have to talk about, so please write them down so I can still get my fix!

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