I’m currently working on implementing an issue tracker within a customer’s web portal so that their users can more easily log system issues with us and be updated on their progress, without the need for additional phone calls and emails, and it’s been decided that a convenient feature would be for it to integrate closely with our own issue tracking (which is hosted on BitBucket).

After a quick google I stumbled across a nice, albeit fairly young, API wrapper that uses RestSharp – conveniently named BitBucketSharp. It was started just a couple of months ago by Dillon Buchanan, and has made it really easy to start use the BitBucket API from within a web application.

There is another similar project, CSharp.Bitbucket, which is built upon the Spring.NET Social framework; but a quick look at the download counts on NuGet shows developers clearly favour RestSharp, with 28,230 downloads, rather than Spring.NET Social’s 529. CSharp.Bitbucket does, however, have the advantage of being hosted on NuGet, so makes it really easy to pull down and have a play with.

Since BitBucketSharp is fairly new, it currently only really has support for GET requests, so I’ve forked it and am in the process of adding support for creating/updating resources, and I’d also like to get a NuGet package up when I get the opportunity.

Check it out at bitbucket.org/j_wallwork/bitbucketsharp